Research Questions

Who uses electric mobility and who benefits from its use?

Are policies and decision-making about electric mobility socially just?

How can we measure and plan for an inclusive, fair and equitable transition to electric mobility in the coming years and decades?

Bristol is a UK leader in promoting sustainable transport, climate action, and investment in electric mobility:

  • It was the first local authority in the UK to declare a climate emergency.
  • It is one of eight cities or metropolitan areas to have received funding from the UK Go Ultra Low City Scheme to promote the switch to electric vehicles.
  • It is home to national Sustainable Transport charities and community interest groups such as Sustrans and more recently Playing Out.
  • It is part of an EU project called REPLICATE, which has involved the introduction of organisational e-bikes, battery electric cars offered by local car clubs, and an electric taxi-bus service.
  • It is one of over fifty UK towns and cities trialling rented e-scooters.
  • It has committed to introducing a Clean Air Zone in summer 2022.